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Photo Gallery: Perú: Land of the Incas 20 days

Cuzco, which in the ancient Quechua language means "navel of the world", was an important hub in Inca times that connected all of South America, from Colombia to the north of Argentina. Today, centuries later, Cuzco continues to be the centre of attention, not only for our neighbouring countries but for the whole world. In its streets, historical centres, churches, pubs and cafés you can hear not only Quechua and Spanish spoken, but such diverse languages as English, French, Japanese and Hebrew. All of them, united by the same experience, found in the charming and fascinating "belly button" of the world.

  • Sillustani PUNO PERU
    Sillustani PUNO PERU
  • Arequipa Panoramic View
    Arequipa Panoramic View

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