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Photo Gallery: Perú Tour 14 Days

The Nazca Lines, discovered in 1927, are the most extraordinary legacy left by a culture that flourished in 300 BC. The lines are a series of complex designs, some up to 300 meters long which can only be seen in their true dimension from the sky, from an altitude of at least 1,500 feet. The Nazca culture is not believed to have been capable of manned flight. But the question remains as to how they crafted the drawings, what technology they used and what purpose the lines served.

  • Lima Perú
    Lima Perú
  • Cusco Main Square
    Cusco Main Square
  • Machu Picchu Arqueological Site
    Machu Picchu Arqueological Site
  • Titicaca Lake PUNO PERU
    Titicaca Lake PUNO PERU
  • Colca Canyon AREQUIPA PERU
    Colca Canyon AREQUIPA PERU
  • Main Square - AREQUIPA PERU
    Main Square - AREQUIPA PERU

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